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Our History

Bolton IP Co. Ltd. has been founded in 1934 and is one of the oldest three companies in Turkey providing industrial property rights services.


Company founder Suat Bolton, was specially invited as a part of a committee by then Prime Minister Winston Churchill and had negotiations with Trademark and Patent Attorneys during his visit whereby it was decided that the company shall be established in İstanbul.


When he passed away, his son Suha Bolton took over the presidency of the company and during his time the company started working worldwide in addition to her activities in Turkey. Furthermore, the company registered an agency under the name S. Bolton and Sons Co., Patent and Trademark Agents in then known Turkish Federated State of Cyprus.


After his father, İdil Bolton- as a third generation Bolton, carried on the success of the company and after him Sevil Bolton took over the leading of the company.


Bolton IP Co. Ltd. is continuing her commercial activities under the presidency of Sevil Bolton Aleksandru.